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Lead-Acid Motorcycle Batteries

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What’s the secret to a healthy bike that fires up fast and aids in an effective electrical charging system? Lead acid batteries, which RevZilla stocks in many different brands and sizes so you can find the one that’ll fit your motorcycle’s battery box. The chemical reaction that gives lead-acid batteries their name is also what makes them so dependable; it’s chemistry in motion and it’s what helps get your ride in motion, too. To get grounded on the basics of batteries, we’d suggest checking out this article here. Once you’re ready to replace that old and tired item, which is currently hooked up but hardly providing enough cranking amps and volts, we can help.

Chemistry in Motion

So you’ve put the leads of your volt meter to the positive and negative terminals on your lead acid battery. If you’re getting a reading of anything less than 11 volts, it’s time to try charging and expect replacement sooner or later. All batteries have a life span, so when it’s time to throw in the towel on your current one, we’ve got you covered. Shop all of the best brands in the industry, including Duraboost, Fire Power and Yuasa Battery. You’ll be hooking up a product that has been refined over decades and is guaranteed to deliver the juice when you hit the starter.

You’ve probably heard about the conventional lead-acid vs. lithium-ion debate and while the latter may require a bit more than plug-and-play compatibility (plus some extra cash), there’s nothing wrong with the old reliable AGM lead-acid combo! Check out the rest of our electrical and battery offerings here and find the right combination for your bike.