Suns out guns out, that’s the motto. Icon gets it, and that is why they have a multi-faceted lineup of motorcycle vests. Few things speak to the heart of a thunder-mobile quite like a classically inspired leather vest. But that’s not all. Icon vests get more technical as well and include Hi-Viz and Mil-Spec vests for those riders who are looking for a bit of added visibility on the roads. So, whether you are looking to strap into a beefy leather option that is straight out of motorcycle lore, or you want a technically inspired touring option to augment your safety, Icon vests will have something to fit your needs.

Icon Vests

Icon Mil-Spec Mesh Vest
2 colors available
Icon Brigand Vest
Icon Hypersport Prime Vest
$230.00 - $250.00
2 colors available
Icon Mil Spec Corset Women's Vest
$65.00 $80.00 Sale 19% Off!
2 colors available
Icon Interceptor Reflective Vest
$65.00 $80.00 Sale 19% Off!
3 colors available
Icon Mil-Spec 2 Vest
2 colors available