The Icon Alliance Helmet is the spirited refinement of the original Alliance SSR Helmet, its predecessor. The new Icon Alliance Helmets improve upon the original design in a few key ways: First the head shape is a more ergonomic long oval which overall will have a closer fit than the SSR and should add more comfort to your ride. Secondly the entire ventilation system was refined to be better at channeling cooling air to the head via dual vents that are increased in size to 20mm, a molded EPS air channel as well as additional slightly repositioned ancillary vents. The new Icon Alliance Helmet also uses the top-end distortion free Icon Pro Shield which has a toolless quick change mechanism, a fog free coating and features Icon's ProLock shield lock mechanism. The interior is crafted with Icon's HydraDry Wicking system and is fully removable and fully washable. The Icon Alliance Helmet is a World Standard ECE 2205 rated helmet that is a solid choice for the sport bike rider. It comes in a variety of solid colors and is also available in several different graphic designs.

Product Video Transcript

Hey, this is Anthony with RevZilla TV and welcome to our detailed breakdown of the Icon Alliance helmet. This is a sport helmet from Icon. It's brought into the mix to replace the old Icon Alliance SSR helmet. So remember, the new ones are just the Alliance. The SSR has gone away.

Basically, this is going to be their mid-range sport helmet that they've improved greatly over the SSR starting with solids at $160 going up to $220 for the graphics. This is the Redeemer, it's pretty badass. It actually meshes well with the Contour Redeemer jacket. They also have some Hi-Viz versions, Hi-Viz yellow, Hi-Viz orange, graphics.

This has a cool matte Rubatone style finish and they also have the classic Icon Rubatone matte black as well. So I think it's 5 solids, 6 graphics and you have your Hi-Viz on this guy starting at $160. Basically you're looking a World Standard ECE 2205 rated helmet, polycarbonate composite shell.

Some of the nuances on this guy, going up from the SSR, it's a slightly longer oval head shape, so the Airframe was a long oval head shape. The SSR was slightly more round. This is going to fit much more closely to the Airframe, so if you know the Airframe fits you this is going to be right in line with it. They've also changed the shield for this guy.

They used to have a specific shield, the basic Icon shield just for the SSR, now it's using the Airframe ProShield. ProShield is awesome. It typically has graphical sideplates, it's distortion free, comes in different radiant colors, it comes in different tints as well as clear. Easy on, easy off and it has a pin lock, or it has a locking mechanism on the shield as well. Not pin lock, I'm sorry.

They have changed the way the ventilation works on the new Alliance helmet. You have dual channels, 20 millimeter channels up here on the top of the head. They very much have taken the ventilation and upgraded it closer to that Airframe style of ventilation. The old Alliance did not flow as much air, the SSR rather, the new Alliance flows a ton of air, 20 millimeters on each side, venting directly to the top of your head.

You also have an improved chin vent system. It's a single flipper versus the smaller positioning switch. If I flip this guy upside down you're going to see it's that great micro-composite interior here. It's that Icon HydraDry Wicking system and you're also going to have cheek air guards that you can turn on or turn off. It's fully removable, fully washable interior here and you can change the size of your cheek pads as well.

So I talked about the shield, I talked about the shell, I talked about the upgrade in ventilation. Basically, a lot of bang for your buck here for the sport bike guy that likes the Icon, the rough and tumble rugged style of what Icon produces. This is a high quality helmet. This is one of our favorites in the under $200 sport bike range.

People come to our store and they say, I'm looking to spend around $200 or less, I want a kick ass sport bike helmet. We say it's the Icon Alliance helmet or it's the Bell Vortex. They're the two to check out, they're our favorites. So check these guys out on If you have any questions, or 877-792-9455 to get in touch with us.

If it's over $39 it ships for free. If you happen to get the wrong size send it back to us, we'll send you the first exchange for free as well, and with anything over $100 at we have TeamZilla Cash. What that means is for every $100 you spend you get $5 back toward your next order. It's our loyalty program. Take advantage of it, it's our way to help you save going forward.

Thanks for watching today. Remember, this is the brand new Icon Alliance helmet, replacing the Alliance SSR. I'm Anthony, we'll see you next time on RevZilla TV.

Icon Alliance Helmets

Icon Proshield Face Shield
$35.00 - $50.00
11 colors available
Icon Proshield Pivot Kit
2 colors available
Icon Airframe / Alliance Side Plate
3 colors available
Icon Alliance S-Vents
2 colors available
Icon Alliance Crysmatic Side Plate
4 colors available
Icon Alliance Chrysalis Side Plate
2 colors available
Icon Alliance Torrent Side Plate
2 colors available
Icon Alliance Berserker Side Plate
3 colors available