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The key to a great bike ride is a great riding bike. Our collection of lubes and bike-specific tools will enable you to properly maintain and repair your bike, either at home or out on the trail. Portable tools fold up like Swiss Army knives and include just about every conceivable tool you’d need for common trailside repairs. Work stands, pumps and expanded tool kits are designed for portability as well and while they’re too big to carry on your bike, they can easily fit in the back of your car or truck for doing a quick parking lot tune-up.
Our accessories include various hitch-mounted racks for transporting your bike to and from the trails. A hitch rack outperforms a roof rack by delivering better gas mileage and being much easier to load. At the end of a long ride, it’s way easier to load up your bike on a hitch rack than it is to hoist your bike overhead onto a roof rack. Trust us.