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Dirt Bike Suspension Parts

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Stop bottoming out and start installing a complete dirt bike suspension that’ll give you cushion and rebound even on the harshest terrains. You can’t expect to win on the track or ride confidently on tight, technical trails unless you’ve equipped your dirt bike with aftermarket suspension parts that have been designed and built with hard riding in mind. Stock stuff simply can’t say the same. Take some time before shopping and familiarize yourself with our dirt bike suspension, installation, rebuild and parts guide here, then find the components that will change the game.

Watch an off-road motorcycle ride on uneven ground and you’ll be amazed the sprung weight rhythmically bobbing up and down. This is all thanks to front and rear suspension parts on the dirt bike compressing, rebounding, springing and sliding as designed. Of course, aftermarket components have been made to meet much more exacting standards so precision guides the process and imperfections are hammered out at the factory. Shock and fork springs, for example, will have undergone exhaustive testing to ensure that your experience with the product will be nothing less than successful. If you’re considering a suspension rebuild on your dirt bike, then pick up some fork seals and bearings now before putting the assemblies back together.

Not sure if the parts you’ve got your eye on are compatible with your dirt bike? Reach out to the Gear Geeks on our customer service side to learn more! While you’re here, why not pick up some of the best apparel for dirt riders that’ll provide safety and style in spades.