Common Tread

Video: a father, son, motorcycles, and one of the world's unique places

Jun 23, 2015

These truths are self-evident:

Father-son relationships always involve a story.

Motorcycles are great vehicles. At least as great a vehicle for a story as for transportation.

The Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is one of the most dramatic and unique sites on earth.

Put it all together with some professional camera work by the GoPro team and this is what you get.

Joseph Johnson of Los Angeles won a GoPro contest with his idea of riding to the world's largest salt flats with his father. Along the way, they make a stop that has person poignancy for both of them.

No, this video is not new, but I think a lot of us missed it when it came out. It has its cheesy moments, but also some spectacular ones. Tell me what you think: worthy or no?