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Video: Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa teach math, poorly

Dec 28, 2017

In Spain, December 28 is Día de los santos inocentes, which is about like April Fools Day in the United States.

Marc Márquez had a good one two years ago when Red Bull put out a video in which Márquez appeared to do a backflip on a motocross bike. It was well done. You had to be watching closely to see that Márquez was riding a four-stroke Honda but the bike flipping in the air was a two-stroke. It fooled even a few pros I know in the business who should have known better.

This year, Repsol put out a video with Márquez and Dani Pedrosa visiting an elementary school classroom and frustrating some young students with their mathematics instruction. The video is in Spanish, but it's not hard to follow what's happening here, even if you don't speak the language. Márquez is introduced as "Professor Martínez" from a university in Madrid. When the students become frustrated that he can't correctly add nine and three (wonder why he chose those numbers?), he brings in his friend, "Santi," for help.

The kids aren't slow. They soon figure out what's going on and the ruse is revealed.

Cute video, but I couldn't help think about how impossible it would have been in the United States. Outside of Owensboro, Kentucky, Nicky Hayden could have sat in a classroom for a week and not been recognized, no disguise necessary. Very different cultures.