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Marquez does a backflip? Fooled you!

Dec 29, 2015

He wins a MotoGP championship as a rookie, he rivals the speed of U.S. flat-track champs at the Superprestigio, so it's possible Marc Márquez could do a backflip on a motocross bike, right?

Freestyle motocrosser Dany Torres, a Red Bull X-Fighters champion, released a video this week that showed him teaching Márquez to do a backflip. Marquez says "I trust you, I trust you," and then appears to launch himself off the ramp, nail a perfect backflip, then celebrate enthusiastically.

The video convinced a lot of people around the world. Most of those people weren't familiar with the Spanish tradition of Santos Inocentes, which is a lot like April Fools Day in the United States, but falls on Dec. 28. In fairness, the video is so well done, you'd have to be sharp-eyed to catch the trick. The one giveaway? Márquez is riding a four-stroke Honda, but the bike flying through the air doing the backflip is a two-stroke. Here's the original video:

Looks convincing, right? Now here's the video that shows how Red Bull fooled you. ¡Feliz Día de Santos Inocentes!