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Video: How not to handle road rage

Apr 06, 2016

Consider it a public service announcement: This South Florida rider gave us a video lesson on everything you should not do in a road rage incident.

It all started when he filtered to the front of traffic at a light. That's not a heinous crime against humanity, but it is also not legal, and as we've seen in other cases, that enraged a driver in a car. From there, things got much worse, very quickly. The rider, Rone Gonzalez, could have just escaped the situation, maybe taken a different route to work to get away from the angry driver. Instead, he decides to argue with him, race him, ride into two lanes of oncoming traffic at high speeds, and smack the car's mirror.

The two most amazing things to me about this video is how many bad decisions are packed into just a few minutes and the fact that it ends with the rider still alive.

You can read more about the story on the WSVN web site, or you can just watch the video and resolve not to be that guy.

Update: WSVN reports that Homestead police have charged the car driver, Kristian Rosa, with aggravated assault and reckless driving, and the motorcyclist, Gonzalez, with reckless driving.