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Video: Behind the scenes at a Kawasaki shoot

Jun 13, 2016

Last year, RevZilla Director of Media and Talent Brett Walling gave you a look at how much work goes into the video reviews we've been producing. 

The tl;dr version: a lot. Now imagine doing the same, producing not just a video but also images for glossy brochures, websites and everything else that might be needed to market a new motorcycle. Then, factor in that your talent in front of the camera isn't Lemmy and Spurgeon, but World Superbike Champ Jonathan Rea and Isle of Man TT specialist James Hillier.

At RevZilla, we've been known to spend some damn fine sums of money to produce the high-quality videos you expect from us, but I'm not going out on much of a limb to suggest that renting the race track at Portimao in Portugal and flying in Rea and Hillier cost a few Euros more than we've ever laid out for a single video.

I mention all this to introduce a new video Kawasaki just released: a "making of" video. A lot of work and planning go into achieving those beautiful images, both moving and still, that entice you to buy a new motorcycle. See how it's done: