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Stuff that doesn't suck: Nobody told this guy he wasn't supposed to ride a motorcycle

May 25, 2016

This video crossed my desk today.

I'm not usually a voracious consumer of video content (in spite of the fact I make it all day long), but any time I see someone enjoying a nice frosty glass of lemonade made from the lemons of life, I take a minute to spread it around. Today, readers, you are the victim of my optimism, which I hope is contagious.

I have little to say about this video. It speaks for itself. The guy filming it is not someone I would like to be friends with. He's tearing down someone who's obviously found an unconventional way to succeed at something. (Truth be told though, I really dislike him for filming vertical video. Really, guy?)

I'd buy that rider a bucket of suds any old time, however. If anybody knows the guy, put me in touch so I can make the offer myself.