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Motorcycle music: See it, respect it, win a prize

Jun 23, 2016

In this story, readers, you are going to learn three things you didn't expect to learn today.

  • Stunt riding and playing instruments on motorcycles is older than your grandfather.
  • You should never say bad things about "Born to be Wild." 
  • Our very own video star Spurgeon is a star across multiple platforms, and you have a really good shot at winning a piece of media history.

Motorcycles and music have paired like wine and cheese since the beginning

Music is something most motorcyclists take pretty damn seriously. Lance spends hours each day ferreting irrelevant song lyrics out of Spurgeon’s prose. I have made many product videos on audio equipment for motorcycles. I never really thought about it until today, but I guess the greybeards probably dug the tunes as much as we do, if not more, even way back when. Here, check out the video that made that thought pop into my head:

Forget streaming your iPhone into your helmet, this is how music and motorcycles should be enjoyed. Hell, this is from the time when paved roads were new technology! Live music does offer an ambiance that just can't match studio stuff. I mean, think of the energy of the last concert you attended, plus the added good vibes that come from riding a bike.

Here's an added bonus video. Some Russkies pulled a Bob Dylan and plugged in.

If anyone knows these guys, please get us in touch. We should party. Remember, this is dangerous and you shouldn't do anything like it, but if you did, you should totally record it so I can watch.

"Born To Be Wild" is awesome

If you don't agree to that, the Internet gets angry. (Read the comments. Facebook was worse.)

You can win a hysterical tchotchke Lemmy is re-gifting

Hey, at least I am honest. First, please feast your eyes upon the following image.

Spurgeon also recognizes the added pizzazz a little live music can bring to a motorcyclist's life. Photo by Barbara Jo Dunbar.

That's right, let that sink in. That's my beloved Spurgie, throwing up the metal salute for his most dedicated fans.

Motorcycles and music are awesome, and so is Spurg. Most of you know that I'm not real hip to the Instagram scene, but with the help of our crack social media team, I have a small musical present to bestow upon one of our readers. (Very small, but also very unique and collectible!) Here's what you have to do: Write the best haiku you can about Spurgeon and his motorcycle. You can put it in the comments below or cruise over to our Instagram and leave it there, but either way, it has to be a haiku.

This is gonna be good. Sorry, Spurg. (Not sorry.)