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Motorcycle jump over a California highway stirs up an argument

Mar 07, 2017

What if you did a radical motorcycle jump, made a really well done video about it and posted it on social media, but along with the fame and followers you also got arrested?

Some people are demanding that's what should happen to Kyle Katsandris while others are defending him after he posted a video on Instagram of jumping his motocross bike over Highway 60 near Moreno Valley, California. Morning traffic flows underneath as he flies across the four-lane road.

Local TV stations reported that they were told by law enforcement that the incident is being investigated. The incident brings to mind a video made by a former motocross racer turned real estate agent in California who depicted his commute to work with stunts on the road, drawing some unwanted attention from police.

With nearly 24,000 followers on Instagram, Katsandris had plenty of people to come to his defense, saying the stunt wasn't really that difficult or dangerous. On the other side of the argument, some people raised the image of something going wrong and the rider and motorcycle crashing through the windshield of a passing car.

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