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Video and podcast: How can motorcycling make a comeback?

Jun 20, 2020

Get comfortable, because Highside/Lowside’s season two finale is over an hour long! That’s because this is one of the biggest topics ever tackled from the RevZilla studio couches: What does motorcycling need to do to make a comeback, at least in the United States?

In this special episode, Zack Courts and Ari Henning join Spurg and Joe for an in-depth discussion about motorcycling’s future. Predictably, they don’t agree on everything. This is a difficult topic for sure, because there is no silver bullet here.

Do we need better rider education? More technology on bikes? Less tech and lower prices? Broader lineups? Smaller ones? New laws? Electrics?

There’s another question at play here: how big should motorcycling really be? Is a motorcycle even a good choice for the average person looking to go from A to B? (Hint: probably not.) Is it okay for riding to stay the way it is? No wonder this episode went so long! 

We hope you’ve enjoyed the latest season of Highside/Lowside, and we'll keep bringing you more moto content of all kinds. And if you haven’t heard, RevZilla is releasing three new shows for you to check out. First is CTXP, the Common Tread Experience, which just released its first episode in which Zack and Ari pit two sub-$5,000 adventure bikes against each other on an epic ADV ride. Then there’s Daily Rider, featuring Zack’s take on different motorcycles he uses to commute, and The Shop Manual, Ari’s garage-based wrenching and tech show. And of course, you’ll find articles from all four hosts, plus the rest of the gang, right here on Common Tread.

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