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Moto dreams from the ZLA team

Dec 05, 2014

What's on your moto wish list this holiday season? Something practical, like a pair of Gore-Tex boots? Or do you aim high, like a 400-pound, 200 mph two-wheeled missile powered by an on-board fusion reactor that refuels itself using rainwater, so you never stop for gas?

I asked a few Common Tread contributors to share their wish lists, starting with the Big Cheese himself:

Anthony Bucci
Anthony "BoochZilla" Bucci
RevZilla co-founder, "Hey this is Anthony!"

This holiday, I need the following to round out my moto-pleasure as I gear up for 2015. Yeah, I just used "moto-pleasure" in a sentence. So what.

MV Agusta Brutale Dragster. It's muscular and nasty with a short porch. I bet it sounds like a pre-wimpy-electric F1 car. Magnificently impractical yet superb.

ICON Magnificent Bastard custom
How many bikes are on Anthony's wish list? ICON photo.
I want ICON to give me the Magnificent Bastard custom Interceptor. I'm asking nicely... again.

Check off a bucket list item by riding the Pacific Coast Highway and the canyons with all the 1980s metal heroes who still moto: Nikki, Tommy, Billy, Slash. Harleys or Ducatis. Either works.

death beam
Copy Anthony's videos and pay the price. Photo by Ann-Kathrin Rehse.
A moto-clone annihilator death beam to be used on those guys copying our videos. Yes, I would have it at the ready. Yes, it would use a curved mirror to vaporize them from space. Yes it would make me once again the only "Hey, this is _________" review guy on the Youtubes in any language. I'd even be willing to keep around the pro wrestler review guy for some competition. The others can only dodge my laser beam by coming up with their own catch phrase and an original video set by Jan. 1, 2015. Otherwise, it's on. Zaaaaap! Toast.

Joanne Donn
Joanne "Gearchic" Donn
RevZilla Boutique Gear Geek magnifique

Working in the RevZilla Boutique, I see all the greatest gear flow by, so stuff has to meet a high standard to make my wish list.

dream boots
TeamZilla illustration.

A pair of stylish and protective women's motorcycle boots. In an ideal world, it would have the internal brace supports of the Sidi Mag-1 boots hiding behind a pair of Cole Haan designer wedge boots. Why is this so difficult to achieve?

Benny needs canine accommodations. Photo by Joanne Donn.
A compact, heated, shock-absorbing top box to transport my 19-pound Chihweenie on the back of my motorcycle.

A fully stocked garage complete with motorcycle lift, power tools, storage and heated floors. Oh, and can't forget the espresso machine.

Two more vertical inches and the upper body strength to manage a hefty adventure bike (I'll take one KTM 1190 Adventure, please).

Lemmy "Uncle Loomis" Lemmy
That guy in the Harley videos

Santa, please bring me:

Harley-Davidson JDH
A 1928 Harley-Davidson JDH. Harley-Davidson photo.

A 1928 Harley-Davidson JDH. I have been very good and I promise I will not go too fast on it.

A set of STD Development Pan/Shovel heads so I can be lazy and directly bolt them onto my project chopper and have a "Conepan" engine.

Lemmy wants a Concours
TeamZilla illustration.

A new Kawasaki Concours so I can put my old Electra Glide out to pasture.

A case of beer for drinking.

Sean MacDonald
Sean MacDonald

What's on my wish list? Moto-awesomeness, just as I exude every day.

Husqvarna supermoto
Husky supermoto style. Photo by Campelli M.

The new Husqvarna FE 501 in sumo treatment. The new Huskies are absolutely gorgeous, are the right amount of rare, and would absolutely rip around Los Angeles. I'd be arrested by New Years Day, but it would be the best week of my life.

I wish MV Agusta would get their act together and raise dealer support to a place where people could actually experience their bikes, and then fix them once they broke down.

Master Chief
Halo Master Chief.
The new Touratech Aventuro ADV Helmet. This helmet is absolutely stunning and trying it on at the IMS show in Long Beach really sealed the deal for me. This helmet feels super light, is extremely well thought out, and makes me look like Master Chief. What more can a guy ask for?

Permission to cross the U.S.-Mexico border on a press loaner bike. I can ride bikes most places in the world, but Mexico is out of the question. Riding to the tip of Baja and back is definitely at the top of my bucket list.

Lance Oliver
Lance Oliver
Common Tread human spellchecker

As for me, all I want is the same thing as always: the perfect motorcycle, with styling by MV Agusta, the reliability of a Honda, the soulful sound of a Triumph triple, the authenticity of a Royal Enfield, the power of a Kawasaki H2R and the price tag of a used Buell Blast. Hey, Santa, take notes, will ya?! I don’t want to end up with a motorcycle with the power of a used Buell Blast, the reliability of a Royal Enfield, the fueling of an MV Agusta and the price tag of an H2R.

Also, of course, I want world peace. But since this is supposed to be a moto-list, make that CE-rated, Gore-Tex world peace that folds neatly for storage in a saddlebag so I can take it the long way ‘round and spread the joy globally.

RevZilla can help with your wish list, too. Enter our 12 Days of Wish Lists Giveaway to win $1,000 toward your wish list. There's a new $1,000 winner every day from Dec. 8 through 19.