Common Tread

Video: Florida woman fights to keep motorcycle-riding pet alligator

Mar 18, 2016

Warning: There's minimal motorcycle content in this story. On the other hand, it may be just the video you need to watch to be able to say that you've now seen it all.

You've seen plenty of motorcycle-riding dogs, from Spirit to Edie, co-pilot for ZLA's own George Armenante. A few cats enjoy the ride, and the occasional pet bird. Now we bring you the story of Mary Thorn, of Lakeland, Fla., who has a pet alligator named Rambo who rode in a homemade sidecar on her motorcycle, when it was her only means of transportation for a while. Because Rambo has reached six feet in length, state laws may force Thorn to give up her pet alligator, even though he acts more like a lap puppy than a swamp predator. Oh, and he also developed a light sensitivity from being raised indoors, so he needs sunscreen if he's in the sun for long.

Will Rambo have to move to a home for alligators, give up his motorcycle riding and his show-and-tell visits to elementary schools and learn the ways of reptilian society? Will the other gators ostracize him because he smells of sunscreen? Worse yet, will they just eat him?

All that's left is for some enterprising rider to seal his sidecar, fill it with saltwater and take his pet shark for a ride. Then we will have seen it all.