Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets 2017

Indisputably the coolest. On the hottest summer rides, vented mesh motorcycle jackets offer the best airflow to keep you comfortable.

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Dainese Super Rider D-Dry Jacket
3 colors available
Klim Induction Jacket
$349.99 - $379.99
4 colors available
REV'IT! GT-R Air Textile Jacket
4 colors available
REV'IT! Airwave 2 Jacket
5 colors available
Olympia Airglide 5 Jacket
4 colors available
Alpinestars T-GP Plus R v2 Air Jacket
3 colors available
Dainese MIG Jacket
2 colors available
Rukka AirAll Jacket
3 colors available
Dainese Super Rider D-Dry Jacket - Closeout
$374.96 $499.95 Sale 25% Off!
Rukka 4Air Jacket
3 colors available

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Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets

Brand Jacket Name Price Our Opinion
Dainese MIG Jacket $449.95 Euro sport, technical mesh jacket
Alpinestars T-GP Plus R v2 Air Jacket $239.95 Euro sport jacket
REV'IT! Airwave 2 Jacket $229.99 Entry Euro Touring, universal jacket
Klim Induction Jacket $349.99 American cut, Touring length, lightweight ADV
Rukka 4Air Jacket $849.00 Super premium Gore-Tex Mesh

Lightweight Mesh Motorcycle Jackets Perfect For The Hot Summer

Fonzie [upon seeing the twisted remains of his beloved bike]: "Just a motorcycle, huh Mr. C? Let me tell you a little story. When I was young, I was a complete nerd, okay? I tried everything to be cool. Nothing I tried worked, and then…" [walks over to a picture of his bike and takes it off the wall] "it came along. It changed my whole life. It's the whole reason for me to live. Just a motorcycle, eh? And I suppose your mother was just a mother?"

Regardless of whether or not you took up two wheels to be cool like the Fonz, when it’s a hundred degrees outside and you’re straddling a 500lb radiator on wheels, it can be hard to think about anything else. Staying cool in summer riding conditions is crucial. Because being cool is everything. And as cool and Fonz-like as you may look in leather, you will stay much cooler in a modern mesh motorcycle jacket.

When it comes to lightweight protection for riding in the heat, mesh motorcycle jackets cannot be beat. Even the best vented textile jackets or perforated leather jackets just can’t rival the airflow of massive mesh panels. If uncompromised hot weather riding comfort is in your sights, the best mesh motorcycle jackets of the season should be in your crosshairs.