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Arai Signet-Q Helmets

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The Arai Signet-Q helmet is an excellent solution for riders with a long narrow oval head-shape. The Arai Signet-Q helmet has an exterior and feature-set similar to the Arai RX-Q, however the internal shape is elongated by 5mm.  The ventilation system is modeled off the system used for the RX-Q and the Signet-Q utilizes the wider viewport offered by the Arai SAI Shield design, as well. Additional features include a Arai OEM Pinlock SAI shield with lens. The cheek pads have also been modified with a denser foam around the jawline to encourage a more snug and uniform seal and more quiet ride.
The Signet Q Pro-Tour takes convenience to the next level with an external sun visor, allowing the functionality of an internal sunshield without compromising safety. Sport touring riders seeking Moto-GP level safety with the pragmatic touring features of less-performance oriented leanings will appreciate the absolute uncompromising protection and practicality of the Arai Signet-Q Pro Tour helmet.