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AGV K3 SV Helmets
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AGV K3 SV Helmets

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The AGV K3 SV helmet is the "Karate Kid" of the motorcycle helmet world. It’s true — slick style, smooth moves, and they both learned from the best in the game. Like Mr. Miyagi to Daniel LaRusso, the AGV Pista GP and Corsa helmets have educated the AGV K3 SV in the art of being excellent.

By utilizing many of the technological advancements that were pioneered with previous models, the K3 SV helmets bring high-end specificity to an entry-level priced helmet. Because it is ingrained with the DNA of the most premium lids on the planet, riders who rock the new K3 SV will enjoy a feature-rich, DOT/ECE 22.05-certified helmet that hits the market like a crisp snap-kick to the visual cortex — and a lighter tap to the wallet! Aside from the standard solid colors, the K3 SV helmet also comes in a variety of graphics. From the K3 SV Simoncelli Replica to the K3 SV Comic and the K3 SV Vulcan helmets, there is an option for everyone who likes top-tier design and stylish Italian flavor all at a great value.