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6D Helmets

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Helmet safety is an all-important technology in the motorcycle world, but one that has been based off of the same design for quite some time. 6D Helmets seeks to break this mold, by introducing a new type of energy dispersion. In essence, they have created a six-dimensional suspension ... for your head!

While a traditional EPS liner is still used on the inner layer of the helmet, the outer shell separated from the EPS by a omni-directional suspension (ODS) system. The concept is to absorb shocks and angular acceleration independently from the rider's neck and skull. This floating outer layer can be twisted and turned to a significant extent while having little influence on the angle of the wearer's head or neck.
This break-through exhibits the greatest improvements in dealing with low-threshold energy, while still maintaining the safety requirements of DOT and ECE testing. Because of the strengths of the 6D Helmet, this technology will soon make its debut in a new line of 6D motocross helmets. Their premier model is called the 6D ATR-1 Helmet.
Full ventilation is aided by the two-layer construction, giving the air a channel to travel through. The ATR-1 Helmet's emergency release cheekpads support the theme of safety and protection. Its interior liner is both moisture wicking and anti-microbial and the weight is a respectable 3 pounds for all that is incorporated. The 6D Helmets are designed to be compatible with all forms of neck braces. 6D will will support any purchase of their helmet with a 3-year warranty.
6D ATS-1 Helmet announced
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