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2016 TCX Boots

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From the metatarsal masters in Italy, the new lineup of TCX motorcycle boots is now available in the States. Ever since their introduction to the motorcycle footwear market, TCX has set a resoundingly high bar when it comes to researching, developing, and making the very best motorcycle boots and shoes available to riders throughout the world. From the original X-Street shoes to the new for 2016 X-Wave and X-Groove, TCX has been at the very forefront of the moto-casual craze seen throughout the industry over the past few years. For 2016, they took it a proverbial step further with the dress shoe-esc X-Avenues, which are a great choice for fashion-forward motorcyclists who want a more sophisticated look while still retaining some of that moto-specific functionality. At the same time, their extensive work with Gore-Tex throughout their motorcycle shoes and boots can be seen at its full heights with new 2016 items such as the new Airtech and X-Tour EVO GTX boots.