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2 Stroke Motorcycle Oil

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The unmistakable “race bike” smell we all know and love? You can thank 2-stroke oil for dirt bikes for that. That trademark ring-a-ding-ding bark of the motor? Yup, 2-stroke oil helps make that possible, too. This oil, which is mixed at specific ratios with gasoline to provide proper lubrication in two-cycle engines, performs a job not necessary in four-banger brethren. What it does do, however, is keep the top end of your dirt bike or road racer in top shape — and that’s pretty important when every piston stroke puts out power. If you’re starting to travel down the trail of these tried-and-true machines, which were invented toward the tail end of the 1880s, get a primer on the topic here. After that, it’s time to start shopping for the best, cleanest and most efficient oil that won’t rob your engine of any performance points.

In general, today’s single-cylinder two-stroke dirt bikes need a quality lubricant to keep the business end of the engine happy. The products available today are a far cry from the dirty and oily 2T lubes from decades past; even today's vintage motocross racers can take advantage of modern lubes in their old bikes. Shop RevZilla and you’ll find multiple oils that are semi-synthetic, promote cleanliness, are low-ash or smokeless, prevent combustion chamber build-up and can be used at ratios of 50:1 with pump or race gas. “Pre-mix” has never been so efficient and it allows riders to run their 2T bikes with more peace of mind. Leave the world of camshafts and intake valves behind, but be sure to pick up gear oil so the rest of your 2T’s transmission/engine sits in a healthy bath of lubrication!