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Youth Snowmobile Helmets

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Kids Snowmobile Helmets

If there’s two things kids need when snowmobile riding, it’s warmth and safety. A youth snowmobile helmet delivers on both fronts and is a must for every ride out in the backcountry. These specialized kids helmets may look like their motorcycle equivalents, but trust us — it’s the technology on the inside that sets them apart. From adjustable chin vents and UV ray protection to wind noise reduction, these snowmobile helmets are right at home out in the wilderness. Learn more about our selection of boys and girls snowmobile helmets and be sure to check out the rest of our snow apparel to enhance your next family adventure.

Snowmobiles are a part of daily life in some snow-bound parts of the US. This also makes learning how to operate one a rite of passage for many boys and girls. According to the American Council of Snowmobile Associations, there are a plethora of state and local safety training programs available to riders of all ages. Proper gear is going to rank high on the list of additional prep steps and it should start with some of the best snowmobile helmets for kids. Tell-tale signs of a purpose-built helmet that’ll stand up to the snow include anti-fogging lenses for consistent visibility, sun shields, removable liners for easy cleaning and moisture-wicking materials that’ll keep the chill off when your body heat rises. Give these full-face helmets to the youth riders in your family and you’ll quickly see how it enhances comfort and extends riding time. Also, be sure to take advantage of the bright colors (plus black!) these child-sized helmets come in to help them stand out against large swaths of snow.

If you’re a parent wondering whether the youth helmet should be a small, medium or large, RevZilla's crew of Gear Geeks can point you in the right direction. Additional guidance on helmet sizing to help pick between small, medium or large can be found here.