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UTV & ATV Winch Ropes & Cable

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They'll start calling you the “miracle worker” when you get out of tough jams using UTV and ATV winch ropes and cable from RevZilla. You never want to ride without reliable ATV winch cable, and we stock the best cables and rope from trusted manufacturers. The big decision here is which material to use: Your two big choices are steel cable and synthetic rope so let's look at them individually.

Steel cable is the traditional option and comes stock on most winches. It is affordable and narrow enough so you can fit a lot of wire to reach long distances. UTV winch cable is also durable and resists fraying when rubbing against rocks. In addition, steel cable is the preferred choice for ice and snow work as it doesn't absorb water like rope does. There are, however, some serious drawbacks to consider. First, steel cable is heavy and tacks on some decent weight to your vehicle. More importantly, steel cable can be dangerous to work with and handle. Steel SxS and quad winch cable can store a lot of energy, so if it snaps, it can be a serious hazard. Never operate a winch with damaged steel cable and always use a line damper. Finally, steel cable can rust and it needs to be oiled regularly to resist corrosion. You'll definitely want to pack quad winch cable replacement spools on your trailer.

Synthetic ATV winch rope is the newer choice and many riders swear by it. ATV and UTV winch rope is much lighter than steel, so it'll cut down on weight. It is also generally twice as strong as steel cable. Synthetic rope doesn't hold as much energy as steel does under stress, so it doesn't snap as dramatically as steel might. That said, every winching scenario should be considered dangerous and line dampers are necessary when using rope, as well. Repair is easier with rope because you can simply tie a snapped rope together, whereas a broken steel cable is useless. There are a few drawbacks to weigh before you decide. First, the synthetic ATV winch cable is much more expensive than steel cable. UTV synthetic winch rope also wears easier, and it must be cleaned regularly and protected from sun and cold temperatures. Finally, if you change from steel to synthetic, your best bet is to swap out the roller with something designed for synthetic rope; expect an added cost there as well.

You'll always find a great deal on UTV and ATV winch ropes and cable with the RevZilla Price Match Guarantee. We make it easy and affordable to tackle plowing on your ATV, but the deals don't stop there! Join our exclusive RPM loyalty program to unlock a world of can't-miss discounts. Premium perks include free 2-day shipping on orders, 10% off select brands and 5% RPM cash back. Then add more safety gear to your vehicle like fire extinguisher mounts available right here at RevZilla.