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Lithium ATV Battery & UTV Battery Models

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Your machine deserves only the best, and when it comes to superior cranking power and capacity, a lithium ATV battery is the right choice. RevZilla stocks the best selection of lithium UTV battery models to supercharge your electrical system. But why choose lithium ATV batteries over their lead acid counterparts? First, they can be discharged up to 100%, which means more fun on the trail or checked boxes on the job site. They are also far lighter than lead acid, so racers and those concerned with vehicle weight should opt for one. Not to be overlooked, an ATV lithium battery offers a superior operating life of up to 10 years.

On the flip side, there are some things to consider in a lithium battery for ATV or UTV applications. First, they generally cost more compared to lead acid batteries but that cost will even out given the long lifespan of lithium batteries. A lithium ATV battery can also suffer in cold temps like all batteries, so you should spend more on a “cold rated” model if you work or play in the winter. Note, you will need a specific charger for a lithium battery; do not use a conventional battery charger on a lithium product as it will damage the battery.

As you shop batteries, you have a choice in materials – lithium ion ATV battery or lithium-IRON battery. Lithium iron batteries are more stable than ion batteries, which makes them the preferable choice. Iron batteries are also more durable than an ATV lithium ion battery, which makes them ideal as a long-term solution for your vehicle. Whichever you choose, both will offer superior power over lead acid. Save more on your next purchase by joining our exclusive Riders Plus Membership. You'll unlock a world of perks including free 2-day shipping, 10% off select brands, 5% RPM cash back and a complimentary REVER Pro Membership.