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AGM ATV Battery & Flooded Lead Acid

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Lacking a little in the voltage department? Then it’s time to upgrade your AGM ATV battery or flooded lead acid model so you'll be riding with the most dependable options on the market. An ATV AGM battery is also known as an absorbent glass mat and it's also known for reliability. The design of an AGM battery generally incorporates more lead plates working in conjunction with more glass mats, which deliver the goods when you hit the starter. Flooded lead acid batteries for ATVs and UTVs are a time-honored way of putting power to your ride. They are known for being affordable and dependable, but do require some maintenance so you'll be adding water to the cells to ensure the chemical reaction has all the required ingredients.

The electrical demands of modern machines — including your own off-roader — means an upgrade is in order if you travel far from home base or are running an assortment of electrical accessories. Those gadgets may be useful, but you’ll quickly drain even a fully-charged battery if you use them while the engine isn’t running and the charging system is down.

If you’ve ever had a battery go flat in the middle of nowhere, then you know it pays to invest in the best AGM ATV battery or load acid model for your UTV or SxS. RevZilla’s new selection of parts for quads, SxS riders, UTVs, ATVs and other four-wheelers means you’ll never have to worry about being stranded. We also make these batteries available for less when you join our new Riders Plus Membership (RPM) program! Sign up today, enjoy exclusive discounts and perks then score the parts you need to keep you going down the trail.