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Tour Master Women's Motorcycle Gear

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For the longest time Women’s motorcycle gear has not gotten its requisite level of investment from manufacturers. Tour Master Women’s Gear is one of the primary options that is working to change that within the industry. After getting their start back in 1980, Tour Master quickly set out soon thereafter to cover as much of the motorcycle gear market as possible, and to do so in a way that brought great products to the largest amount of interested parties. With their Women’s Gear lineup, Tourmaster has put a heavy investment of both time and resources into cultivating a robust array of Women’s motorcycle gear that offers a wide variety of fitments, functions, and styles.

Ladies motorcycle gear from Tour Master is constructed with the same focus on rider comfort, protection, and usability as the Men’s lineup, yet it has been specifically tailored for a more feminine fit. Built for the female rider who is more concerned with the motorcycle ride itself than certain fashionable frills, Tour Master ladies gear is singularly driven to provide an understated look while at the same time excelling in cost-effective utility. 

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