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Tour Master Jackets

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Specializing in functionality rather than stylistic fluff, Tour Master motorcycle jackets are at the forefront for long-range riders who like to get on the throttle through a variety of weather conditions. Getting their start in the late 1970s, the Tour Master brand has created a multi-decade legacy in motorcycle jacket manufacturing that continues to evolve to this day. While the Tourmaster brand has expanded to include a multitude of motorcycle-related products, jackets were among the first items on their list and remain paramount.

Tour Master motorcycle jackets are most notable for their absolute diligence with regard to providing riders with the protection and functionality that they desire. Whether it is defenses against inclement weather conditions such as rain or extreme heat, or armor/abrasion resistance for impact and slide protection, Tourmaster puts a great deal of effort into crafting motorcycle jackets that do the job. When compared to some of their European counterparts, Tourmaster fitments tend to be a little more relaxed and "American cut" in nature, thus allowing for the inclusion of additional layers that allow for quick adaptation to alternating weather conditions while on the road.