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Tour Master Heated Motorcycle Gear

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Riding a motorcycle is awesome. Riding a motorcycle when you are cold, well, that is the antithesis of awesome. Good thing there is Tour Master Heated Gear to keep you warm when the forecast calls for something a bit more brisk than sunny and seventy-five degrees. With Tourmaster heated motorcycle gear, you will be enveloped in a head-to-toe experience of technological marvels. Imagine it, instant heat when you are cold. That is what heated gear from Tour Master is all about.

With the flip of a switch Tour Master gives you the option to enjoy the comforts of their Synergy lineup of heated options. From Heated jackets and vests, to heated pants, heated gloves, and heated insoles, there is no portion of the rider that they overlooked. There are even heated motorcycle chap liners for those who laugh in the face of full on pants and prefer the rugged freedom and classic style of motorcycle chaps. That’s right, Tour Master cares so much about motorcyclists that they specially designed heated gear that is congruent with motorcycle chaps! So, if you are a rider who wants to extend the season, and ride on while others have winterized the bikes until next spring, Tour Master heated gear is worth a gander. 

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