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Supercross Helmets

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When it’s time for the big show, you want to look your best. A supercross helmet, which offers true top-of-the-line protection to dirt riders, is the best way to top off your kit. These lids are safe, stylish, flashy, functional and offer aspiring daredevils plenty of confidence on the course. The last thing you should be worrying about mid-race is safety so invest in the best, twist that throttle a little harder and aim for the podium.

The Science of Supercross Helmets

If you’ve ever wondered what helmets supercross riders wear as they clear doubles and triples, now’s the time to learn. These helmets have been thoughtfully designed to deliver impact resistance and have been outfitted with the right padding and exterior features to deflect and absorb shocks to the system. Wrap it all up in a lightweight carbon fiber shell and you’ve got some high-tech headwear. It’s also admittedly heady stuff in the world of fast and furious dirt bike racing, but it needs to be so brands like Arai, Fox Racing, Fly Racing, Troy Lee Designs and Bell Helmets have invested heavily into research and development. Bell has actually taken a deep dive into the science of supercross so it’s now possible to learn more about how the brand is keeping up with advances in the sport and supercross bikes in general.

For reasons that should now be clear, the helmets you see here are the ones your favorite supercross racers are wearing. They aren’t taking chances and neither should you. Of course, this is just the starting point to building out a riding kit that’s going to work for you on the track. Don’t give the guy or gal next to you any advantages; browse through our essential guide to dirt bike gear and pick up the rest of the apparel you’re going to need when you go to the gate.