After getting their start in 1977, it became clear very quickly that Spidi would excel throughout the motorcycle gear universe. After decades of success in the glove market, the first leather Spidi Race Suit was made available in 1994 and launched the brand into the upper echelon of gear manufacturers. With their unwavering dedication to functionality, safety, and Italian moto-swagger, race suites from Spidi are among the most prominent options across any track day or race enthusiast’s spectrum of choices.

From the tip of the spear, high-end models designed for the rider who puts it all out there and throws down a knee at the track, to more entry-level options that come with a smaller dent to the wallet, Spidi race suits can be found in a wide gamut of iterations. Whether they be one piece or two piece race suits, Spidi gear is precise, protective, and keenly crafted throughout every facet of their design. So regardless of if you are going for the top of the podium, or just making your way around the track for a bit of weekend fun, Spidi race suits will have something just for you.

Spidi Race Suits

Spidi Track Wind Pro Race Suit
5 colors available
Spidi Track Wind Replica Evo Race Suit
2 colors available
Spidi Supersport Wind Pro Race Suit
5 colors available
Spidi Tronik Wind Pro Race Suit
3 colors available
Spidi Mantis Track Wind Pro Women's Race Suit
4 colors available
Spidi Warrior Wind Pro Race Suit [Size 56 Only]
$1,274.93 $1,699.90 Sale 25% Off!
Spidi Track Wind Pro Race Suit - Closeout
$1,119.96 $1,399.95 Sale 20% Off!
Spidi Poison 2-Piece Women's Race Suit
$974.93 $1,299.90 - $1,299.95 Sale 25% Off!
Spidi Warrior 2 Wind Pro Race Suit
3 colors available