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Snell Approved Motorcycle Helmets

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It’s telling that Snell approved motorcycle helmets wear a badge they earned through volunteered testing. Manufacturers are not required to seek out this accreditation, but the not-for-profit Snell Foundation is happy to dig deep and discover if this lid is up to snuff. If it is, then the Snell motorcycle helmet you’re considering is one that’s possibly going to save the day in the event of an accident. To those who value such ratings — and we think you should — RevZilla can help you learn more about Snell rated motorcycle helmets and then pair you up with the right one.

Uncompromising Standards

Many of us would rather not think about harsh impacts and glancing blows. Thing is, now’s the time to gear up instead of doing so after a bad spill or close call. The Snell Foundation knows all about being proactive and taking a deep dive into impact management. That latter term is “a matter of just how big a hit a helmet can take before it is completely overwhelmed,” according to foundation; we encourage riders of all backgrounds to read into the Snell M2015 vs M2020 standard for motorcycle headgear. Taking a peek at individual helmets in our inventory, you’ll see elements that dirt and street riders are going to love. Some of these lids are the lightest to earn Snell approval while others have been updated to meet the latest Snell standards, which has been updated at a five-year interval from Snell M2015. We even offer women’s motorcycle helmets both DOT and Snell approved, so the choices continue to mount. Add it all up and you’ve got premium products from the likes of Arai, Bell, HJC, Sedici, Shoei and many more.

Best of the Bunch at RevZilla

As the Snell Foundation summarizes, “DOT might be necessary but, by itself, DOT was still insufficient; if the helmet was not Snell certified, they weren’t interested.” Lucky for those discerning shoppers seeking motorcycle helmets both DOT and Snell approved, RevZilla stocks plenty of options. Be sure to check out the rest of our protective gear while you’re here and wear what’s right for road or track.