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Snell M2015 Helmets

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Alright, so you want to ride a motorcycle. Fantastic! It’s pretty awesome. Welcome to the club. Now that you have made the decision (and again, it is a great one!), it is incredibly important to gear up properly for the occasion. That is where the SNELL Memorial Foundation, and their newest SNELL M2015 standard, come into play.

SNELL exists as an independent testing entity that ardently verifies the protective capabilities of helmets at a level which goes beyond that of the Department of Transportation. The newest update to their standards can be seen in the SNELL 2015 Standard For Protective Headgear. In the Foundation’s testing, helmets are evaluated based on Positional Stability, Retention, Impact Management, Chin Bar aptitude, Shell Penetration, Face Shield Penetration, and Removability.

To further the cause of safety, SNELL requires that at least 5, and as many as 7, complete helmets must be presented for testing in the exact condition that they would be offered for sale publicly. Additionally, they do not stop with the initial batch, as they are diligent in reaching out after-the-fact and obtaining publicly available samples of helmets that have previously been certified. In doing this, they are able to keep tabs on production through time, and thus, riders can be confident that a helmet showing the SNELL M 2015 emblem is built to the highest level of structural integrity.

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