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Shoei RF-1400 Helmets

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As the latest iteration in a long line of lust-worthy lids, the Shoei RF-1400 delivers the goods. It builds upon prior successes seen in previous RF models while offering numerous updates to style, safety, fit and finish. You’re looking at the apex of helmet development from a leading brand that’s been doing this for more than six decades. So, for those shopping with a checklist in hand, the RF-1400 helmet is going to tick the boxes and RevZilla can get you two paired up today!

R&D for the RF-1400

On the heels of the outgoing 1200, there are a number of design, comfort and performance changes to be found in this latest model. For a full dive into the state-of-the-art straps and snaps of the Shoei RF-1400, as well as our thoughts on the redesigned vents, check out out in-depth review right here. For a quick primer, here’s what you get from the purchase of a premium product. Street riders and sportbike racers are going to appreciate the wind tunnel testing that went into this model. You’ll find less drag and lift compared to the previous version (4 percent and 6 percent, respectively) and that’s huge for both long highway hauls and wrist-twisting sprints to the finish. There’s plenty to pick from in aggressive graphics or classic colors so you’ll easily find the finish and snug sizing fit you want. It’s quieter, safer and cooler, too, so ride easy knowing premium materials both inside and out are cancelling noise and increasing air flow while standing by to protect you from any impact.

“The Evolution of Perfection”

That’s the official tagline from Shoei for their latest in the RF line that was introduced in 1984. From the moment you flick the face shield down, it’s apparent the RF-1400 is no-nonsense at a sensible price point. You could spend more -- and you can certainly spend less -- but this is the standard-bearer for riders who take the aforementioned design elements quite seriously. As our own review states, this is a “benchmark helmet in which we measure a lot of others by because it is built on the foundation of helmet that has been a favorite of ours for so long.”