A Shoei open face helmet offers the open and windblown feeling of a full face coupled with the safety, fit and finish which is synonymous with the Shoei name. A Shoei open face helmet like the Shoei RJ Platinum-R Helmet will utilize the same construction and liner system as its full face cousins in the Shoei line. The Shoei open face helmets line offers a big step up in creature comforts compared to its less expensive entry level peers. Check out our Shoei Helmets page to see our full selection of Shoei products.

Shoei Open Face Helmets

Shoei RJ Platinum-R Helmet
$328.99 - $373.99
9 colors available
Shoei J-Cruise Helmet
$499.99 - $530.99
7 colors available
Shoei J-Cruise Reborn Helmet
2 colors available