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Scorpion Modular Motorcycle Helmets

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Tackle the open road, tight trail and every route in-between with Scorpion modular helmets. These lids provide top-of-the-line features at an unbeatable price, which is a win-win for riders who know the value of these quality products. Scorpion modular motorcycle helmets utilize a combination of clever design and high-quality materials to create helmets that are as functional, comfortable and stylish as they are safe. Learn more about the benefits of modular helmets here and consider this dirt and street-friendly style for your next ride.
These helmets are ideal for riders who spend most of their time touring and/or commuting. Scorpion 's modular helmets are available in a variety of styles and designs, making it easy to choose a helmet that is fitting to your taste and riding type.
Tired of yelling at stop lights? Feeling a little claustrophobic? Just looking to upgrade to the latest style you’re seeing on all the best riders? These modular helmets from Scorpion will help with all that and more! Be sure to use the provided size chart to ensure correct size selection prior to ordering. Give our Gear Geeks a call to discuss your options or check out the rest of our modular helmets while you’re here.