Samco is the original performance hose brand, and a pioneer of the direct replacement aftermarket radiator hose kit. Samco Sport is a UK based company, and has been the world leader in high performance Silicone radiator hoses for over 10 years. Samco’s in-house design engineers extensively research each kit to ensure the best fitment and the most accurate design. All Samco hoses are made by hand in the UK and are 100% visually inspected before they leave the factory. Not only do Samco products offer you proven reliability and performance, they are a great way to add that striking finishing touch to your ride.

Samco Sport

Samco Radiator Hose Kit
$63.16 - $485.95 $78.95 Sale 20% Off!
Samco Radiator Hose Clamp Kit
$15.96 - $59.95 $19.95 Sale 20% Off!