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Rizoma Bike Protection

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Rizoma Protection

Add stylish and straightforward safeguards on your bike with Rizoma motorcycle protection part. Think of it as investing for the future in the event of a worst-case spill. Rizoma frame sliders, for example, help protect areas that are usually the first to get damaged in something as simple as a parking lot tip over. Rizoma axle sliders for the front and rear help to keep road rash away from your forks and swingarm, respectively.

Rizoma also offers unique covers and guards for the engine depending on your make and model. These high-quality billet aluminum clutch covers guards and stator guards will take the brunt of a slide to keep the case from receiving catastrophic damage. Rizoma radiator guards and headlight guards help to keep any kicked up rocks and debris from ruining your day. Your motorcycle could use a set of Rizoma parts to add protection and style to your vulnerable bike.