General REV'IT Questions

How do I wash / clean my REV'IT! Textile Gear?

If wiping down with warm water won’t do the trick, the simplest and most effective approach is to gently hand wash your gear. Whatever course you choose, always remember to remove any liners and/or internal armor. NEVER use a top loading washer as the center agitator can severely damage your gear, and NEVER use fabric softener. Over time the DWR (Direct Water Repellancy) coating on the outer shell can wear off. We recommend Nikwax for replenishing the moisture beading properties to the outer shell of REV'IT! garments.

I heard REV'IT! sizes run small, is that true?

ABSOLUTELY TRUE. REV'IT! is a Dutch brand and their size grading is based off of a more slender European build. Generally speaking, we recommend that folks in between sizes look to go to the next size up. When compared with the more generous American cut gear of other manufacturers, riders often find that they are a full size larger in REV’IT! garments. We recommend that anyone looking into REV'IT! gear measure themselves at the chest (circumference of the widest part of the chest, typically near the top of the armpits), true waist (torso circumference at belly-button) and inseam - then compare with the sizing charts. Do not use your jean size to determine your pant size for REV’IT! as it is not a great barometer. We have been sizing folks in REV’IT! gear for years, so if there are any questions, please call us at 877-792-9455 to speak with our customer service department. You can also look to the complete list of REV'IT! Size Charts as a start.

REV'IT! Application Questions:

Warm Climate 4-Season Riding: What is the most flexible / vented REV'IT! jacket & pants with protection for cool and wet conditions?

By definition, this is a tough task. Hot weather requires lightweight materials and lots of venting. Cooler and inclimate weather necessitate more insulation and sealed seams. The design challenge is that if something is impermeable to water, it will also be a hinderance to the wind, thus eliminating the airflow that keeps us comfy on those hot days. Fortunately, however, REV’IT! has a few options that have been expertly crafted to offer the best of both worlds:

  • The REV'IT! Tornado Jacket and Pant combo is a perennial champion. Designed for maximum airflow with large mesh panels on chest, back and arms, this gear-set comes equipped with a detachable waterproof/breathable liner that is lightly insulated. Built to attain maximum cooling for riders in geographic locations such as the Southern US where the temps rarely venture much below 40F, the Tornado series is a highly functional piece of gear that comes in at a relatively moderate price.
  • At the higher end of the spectrum, the REV’IT! Chronos GTX Jacket makes use of some of the world’s most premium materials in the unyielding quest to provide maximum airflow and all weather defenses. With large Dynax Mesh panels over the front and back torso, the Chronos offers a beefed up, high-ventilation construction that moves a ton of air, while being slightly more rugged than traditional mesh. At the same time, this jacket/pant combo affords the luxury of a removable Gore-Tex liner that comes with a 100% waterproof guarantee for life and will allow riders to breathe better (i.e. sweat evaporation) than any other waterproofing option on the planet. While this is not an overly insulated choice, the waterproofing provides a windproof barrier that will keep the cooler air from stealing your hard-earned body heat, thus allowing for a great opportunity to add in your own thermal base/mid-layers to create custom defenses. This jacket can be paired with the REV'IT! Summer Riding Pants that best accommodate your style.

Temperate Climate 4-Season Riding: Best REV'IT! Jacket & Pants Combo for all-weather riding with more exposure to cold (e.i Northeast, Mountains etc)?

This set of requirements is one that applies to most of us. The majority of riders (here in the American market at least), live in areas that can be wildly diverse in climatic conditions. If we want to keep riding for as much of the year as possible, and we certainly do, it is important that we have gear that is as adaptable as we are. In the search, Pros and Cons abound.

  • First on the list would be the REV’IT! Dominator GTX Jacket and Pants. This option is the beast of the REV'IT! lineup and the entire arsenal of materials, comfort, durability, and overall design was put into its creation. For defenses against the weather, the outer shell has been constructed of a combination of 3L GTX Pro Nylon, 3L GTX Pro Armacor, 3L GTX Pro Talisman, PWR Stretch Fabric, Lorica, and Neoprene. Basically, that equates to the most waterproof/breathable set up imaginable, while still being unrestricted in mobility and cozy in comfort. As the apex predator in the REV’IT! lineup, the Dominator is loaded with all-world features, full CE-Level 2 armor throughout, and the most premium materials in every regard. One of the great things about the Dominator series is that it offers direct ventilation in a Gore-Tex certified garment. Just to be clear, that is no small task, and only came after some of the best minds in the world came together to diligently tackle the question. While this gear isn’t overly insulated, it is by design and allows for the widest range of possible usage scenarios. In this set up, you are able to create the strategy that works best for your individual needs through base/mid-layer assortments depending on the riding conditions. This is one of the best items in the world, and granted, it is priced as such.
  • An additional choice would be something like the REV’IT! Poseidon GTX Jacket and Pants. While still offering the premium qualities of a direct ventilation Gore-Tex shell that will ardently defend you against the heaviest of inclement weather, the Poseidon series comes with a removable thermal liner included as well. Again, this is a robust, and investment-priced option for riders who are searching for the best in the world.
  • While the Dominator and Poseidon lineups are seriously steep investments, they are certainly not the only options for all-weather motorcycling. In our experience, the REV’IT! Sand 2 Lineup is a seriously robust choice as well and comes in at a more moderate price point. The main difference here is materials. In removing the Gore-Tex membrane from the mix, and replacing it with the proprietary Hydratex material, REV’IT! was able to cut overall cost significantly

Hot Weather Options - What is the best REV'IT! equipment for summer-only riding?

  • The Airwave Jacket and Pant combination is the best hot weather combo for men and women who are mainly interested in getting the most airflow on a motorcycle. This grouping has been a long time favorite and has worked well for many riders throughout many years. Efficient, focused, and created for the purpose of keeping riders cool in the hot weather.
  • If you are looking for the biggest and baddest, however, the brand new for 2015 REV’IT! Cayenne Pro Jacket/Pant combo will be the way to go. Tailor made for the ADV riding enthusiast, massive Schoeller-dynatec mesh panels on the 750 D/Teflon coated exterior make for a highly ventilated, all-terrain rugged option. Cut with a touring fit, built to the exacting REV’IT! specifications, completely armed with a full array of CE Level 2 protectors, and equipped for add-on features such as the Adventure Neck Brace, hydra bag, and Challenger Cooling Vest, there are few hot weather options out there that can top the Cayenne Pro.
  • The REV’IT! Ignition 2 Jacket is another option that is built more for the fans of leather riding gear, but who still want a highly ventilated option. It comes with the added benefit of removable waterproof and insulated liners, thus extending the functional range of the gear and can be matched with the Gear 2 Pant. This is an extremely popular choice for the cruiser crowd.
  • BONUS GEAR: If the standard ventilation of a mesh, high-airflow option is not enough, the REV’IT! Cooling Series has a few options to augment the experience. Whether you want an option that connects directly to your jacket such as the REV’IT! Challenger Cooling Vest, or a stand-alone choice such as the REV’IT! Liquid Cooling Vest, Flux Cooling Wristband, or Fluid Cooling Neck Collar, REV’IT! has designed this line to use endothermic principles of cooling to work with your body to provide an even greater level of hot weather comfort.

Why is Gore-Tex gear more expensive than non-Gore-Tex gear?

Functionally speaking, many of the GTX and non-GTX pieces of gear are very similar. From the cut of the garments to the adjustability, storage, armor, and abrasion resistance, they can certainly be pretty close. However, as the world’s most preeminent waterproofing material, the Gore-Tex material does come with a cost. In essence, that is because it works far better, longer, and through tougher scenarios than anything else.

While many materials can be waterproof, few of them allow the rider to “breathe.” By that, we do not mean “allow airflow.” That is a common misconception. A sealed Gore-Tex garment will not allow air to pass through it. However, it does allow for sweat to evaporate through and not get trapped underneath as with many lesser quality options. Nobody likes a sweaty hand, back, or bottom while in the driver’s seat, so this is where GTX garments really perform like a champ.

Additionally, Gore-Tex holds itself to a higher standard than anyone else on the planet. With a 100% waterproof guarantee for the life of the garment, anyone buying a GTX piece of gear can rest easy knowing that they are working with a team that takes great pride in their product, and stands by it should something not be up to par.

What can I do about upgrading the back protector on my new REV'IT! jacket?

The newest lines of REV'IT! jackets are equipped to take the proprietary Seesoft Back Protectors. As CE-Level 2 certified options, the Seesoft is built to withstand multiple impacts and to disperse the forces of each in the event of an accident. Constructed of a Nitrille/Polynorbornene rubber compound, varying densities of layered foam have been placed together, each with a specific protective function and ready to work in conjunction with each other.

For specific fitments, you can look at the REV'IT! Seesoft Fitting Chart to find the right option for your jacket.

Also, our Merchandising team of Viking masterminds have made it a point to update REV'IT! jacket product pages on our site to include the specifics of the Seesoft back protectors that you will want to consider for each piece of gear.

Can I use REV’IT riding pants as overpants?

REV’IT riding pants can be sized one size larger to be used as overpants, however, the cut and design will be less than ideal. For the best results, wear the riding pants with only a baselayer underneath and use overpants like the REV’IT! Axis Pants or the new Horizon Pants to wear over street clothes

Feature, Component & Technology Questions:

What is Seesoft Armor?

Designed as a proprietary option by the REV'IT! team, the Seesoft lineup of armor is a top-rated set of protective gear that has attained a CE-Level 2 Certification for safety. Built with multiple layers of variable density foam, the strategically constructed Nitrille and Polynorbornene rubber works on impact to reduce the forces of an accident by dispersing the energy over a larger effective area. This greatly reduces the amount of force that reaches the spine and back. As REV'IT! has made a name for themselves in the all-weather world of motorcycling, special care was taken to design the Seesoft gear in a way that would not let it be hindered throughout the scope of climatic conditions. With a temperature threshold of effective operation between - 4 and 104 degrees F, there are few scenarios where you would ever be riding outside of the Seesoft range.

What is SuperFabric?

SuperFabric® technology is an advanced process that transforms ordinary fabrics into unique, highly protective materials. Protective shields (tiny ceramic scales) are applied close to each other but remain separate to allow maximum flexibility. Those micro guard plates provide an additional layer of protection without adding weight and will help resist abrasion to underlying fabrics. SuperFabric® is 4 times more abrasion resistant than 1.4mil leather with only half the weight. It is used in the Defender GTX, Cayenne Pro Jackets and Pants, Turbine Jacket and Pants as well as Bastion GTX and Jerez Gloves. See more information at

What is Exkin and ExKin Air Thermal Insulation?

Maximum insulation with minimal weight - ExKin material is used in several of the high-end REV'IT! products. ExKin is half the thickness / weight and (offers) four times the warmth of (the) previous materials used for liners such as Dupont Thermolite. ExKin Air is approximately the same thickness / weight of ExKin, but provides even better insulation.

What is Hydratex® Lining?

Hydratex® is REV’IT’s branded waterproof breathable membrane. A waterproof layer is laminated onto a carrier to construct the REV’IT! Hydratex® membrane. The carrier in turn protects the membrane against rub and tear damage. The seams of the membrane are taped to ensure (a waterproof seal) waterproofing. The REV’IT! Hydratex® membrane is used in garments that demand a high level of all-weather protection.

What is SAS-TEC Armor?

SAS-TEC protection, manufactured in Germany, has the highest CE rating available (CE level 2). The intelligent protection armor is constructed from smart molecules: in case of an impact the armor will rapidly freeze and harden, absorbing the shock and distributing it over a large area to reduce the risk of fractures. The soft exterior of the armor offers a great deal of comfort and mobility. We rate this armor as BEST AVAILABLE.

What is Pro-Life Armor?

CE level 2 approved armor designed in Italy; it is constructed from elastomers, which contain micro pores of trapped air. This trapped air considerably absorbs the impact of a shock and distributes the deriving forces. We rate this armor as BETTER

What is Knox Armor?

CE level 1 approved protection armor designed in the UK. The newly developed version is a closed cell foam, similar in construction to Pro-Life, and much more flexible and comfortable in riding gear. KNOX® is used in a broad range of REV’IT! products and offers a highly effective means of protection. KNOX® amour is extremely durable, lightweight and flexible. We rate this armor as GOOD

What is Schoeller Keprotec?

Keprotec is a high tech fabric manufactured by Schoeller which is extremely rub and tear resistant. Keprotec is used in REV'IT leather items and gloves. Stretch Keprotech is also used in their high-end race suits. See more details on Keprotec via the Schoeller Keprotec Overview (pdf)

Will REV'IT zip together with Olympia Gear?

In our tests, the short (21cm) connection zippers ARE compatible between newer (07 and later) REV'IT Jackets. and Olympia Pants and vice versa. (But don’t tell Olympia...)

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