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REV'IT Fall 2015

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In true REV’IT! fashion, the new lineup of gear for the Fall of 2015 is a metaphorical smorgasbord of forms, fitments, and functionality. As one of the most wide-ranging manufacturers of motorcycle apparel, gear, and accessories, the REV’IT! collection features a truly diverse grouping of products. You ride your ADV bike ardently through everything that the most rugged of climates entails? You drop the hammer on the race track and break land speed records every weekend? You are a stylish rider who commutes through town and need a set of gear that looks just as cool when you walk around off of the bike as it does when you are cruising on it? Oh, you are all three? Well good, because the REVIT Fall 2015 release of new motorcycle gear is here!

For this edition of product releases, REV’IT! leaned heavily on the casual functionality and all-weather, tour-your-butt off buttons. From a handful of new riding denims that span the gamut between light armor and more heavily reinforced (and waterproof) options, to a vintage leather pilot jacket and H2O versions of some of their most popular casual motorcycle boots, the commuter-classic theme can definitely be seen throughout. At the same time, it just wouldn’t be REV’IT if they didn’t dive into the all-weather/all-world pool, and as such, the Fall 2015 releases feature a vast array of new waterproof motorcycle pull-overs in addition to highly technical jackets and pants for both Men and Women motorcyclists.

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