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One-time desert racing pro and motor tuning specialist Mitch Payton, founded Pro Circuit in 1978 at the age of 18. Dedicated to improving power utilizing the best materials possible, Mitch began building custom-tuned two-stroke exhaust pipes. These tuned pipes would help lay the foundation of Pro Circuit and were the first high-performance accessory to roll out of Mitch's cluttered speed shop. Word regarding the success of Mitch’s motor building skills traveled quickly around southern California racetracks, creating a cult of Pro Circuit riders that continues to grow to this day. Going back to the first starting lineup which included future champions Jeremy McGrath and Steve Lamson, Pro Circuit has fielded the strongest, most consistent team on the AMA circuit. After claiming 29 AMA Championships and 6 MXON victories one thing has always remained the same: the Pro Circuit reputation for performance, raw speed and winning.