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Alpinestars Oscar Collection

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Innovators have a way of remaining ahead of the game. Sante Mazzarolo, founder of the Alpinestars brand, is an innovator. No doubt about it. After starting the legendary motorsports gear company in the 1960’s, Mazzarolo saw one of his first opportunities to traverse the gulf between motorcycle gear and high fashion a decade later. By entering his Alpinestars brand into a prestigious Italian fashion competition, and winning, the bar was set and a new era in motorcycle gear began. Oscar by Alpinestars was born.

Given the name by Mazzarolo himself, the Alpinestars Oscar Collection gear is focused on the intersection of motorcycle gear and hi-fashion. The timeless themes of open roads and fast bikes, along with the classic styling of vintage leather and denim, permeate every piece of Oscar motorcycle gear. From premium leather motorcycle jackets, to motorcycle specific riding jeans, gloves, and cafe boots, Alpinestars puts their best work forward with items bearing the Oscar name. Here we are, over 40 years after the original Oscar by Alpinestars was introduced to the world, and the collection still boasts some of the most elegantly refined options in the motorcycle gear market.

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