Shorai Lithium Battery LFX18A1-BS12
  • Shorai Lithium Battery LFX18A1-BS12 - LFX18A1-BS12
  • Shorai Lithium Battery LFX18A1-BS12 - LFX18A1-BS12

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Shorai LFX Lithium Iron Battery LFX18A1-BS12

Shorai LFX Lithium motorcycle batteries are some of the lightest and most powerful replacement batteries available. Most powersports enthusiasts have gotten used to hooking up a tender to their lead-acid batteries, all the time. Shorai LFX have a much slower self-discharge than the best lead acid batteries (1/6 to 1/7, on average), they do not sulfate as capacity drops, and they are the ultimate "deep cycle" battery. This means that they can still crank your vehicle even if the remaining capacity is quite low. A fully charged LFX can sit for a year or more and still retain adequate starting capacity, without damaging the battery. As such, any vehicle which has no current flowing when the key is OFF should not need a tender. At most this battery only needs to be charged every 6 to 12 months, depending on the use and average storage temperature. Newer vehicles may have a significant draw even when the key is OFF, to maintain clocks and computers, etc. In this case Shorai expects that a few hours of riding per month will be all that is needed to avoid tending. If you know that you will go a number of weeks or months without riding, you can either attach a tender, or disconnect the negative cable from the battery. In any case, during storage you may use the voltage chart above and an accurate voltmeter, and consider recharging when the battery is around the 50% capacity remaining mark, or above.


  • Faster cranking for better starts
  • Ultra light- one fifth the weight of lead-acid batteries on average
  • Holds unloaded charge for one year without maintenance
  • Zero sulfation for longer service life
  • Super-fast recharge rate
  • No explosive gasses during charge, no lead, no acid
  • Military spec carbon composite case
  • Multiple terminal connection options
  • Includes adhesive back foam sheets
  • Factory activated
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 2 year warranty


  • 12 V- Volts
  • 270 CCA- Cold Cranking Amps
  • 18 Ah- Amp Hours
  • 18 A Max Charge Rate
  • Weight: 2.19 lbs/0.997 kg
  • Case Size 1: 66mm/2.6" x 148mm/5.83" x 105mm/4.13"
  • See Shorai Specs PDF below for full fitment guide

Battery Terminal Location:


  • All Shorai Batteries require charging out of the box prior to use.
  • It is extremely important that you use only the appropriate battery for your bike. A battery with incorrect amperage may damage the battery and your bike.
  • Shorai Batteries require a charging system output of 13.1 Volts or higher at idle and must not exceed 15.2 volts at maximum output.
  • Shorai Batteries may not be a drop in replacement for all bikes, some modification to battery box, terminals etc may be necessary.
  • Shorai recommends NOT using a charger or tender if it has a desulfation mode which cannot be turned off. Shorai has confirmed that the Battery Tender brand does NOT have a desulfation mode and are OK for use with Shorai LFX batteries. However the best possible charger/tender for the Shorai LFX is the Shorai SHO-BMS01 Battery Management System.

Fitment Notes & Exceptions

  • Will not work with Kawasaki Z650 with ABS, please use LFX19A4-BS12 instead
  • All Shorai Batteries require charging out of the box prior to use
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140 Reviews
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1 Star
Bang For The Buck
4.2 / 5
4.3 / 5
4.3 / 5
Ease Of Install
4.7 / 5
4.4 / 5
Bang For The Buck
1 / 5
Defective Battery and they won't warranty it.
Battery worked great for about 3 weeks then one side/cell crapped out. Sent back to Shorai and they said it was due to excessive discharge. Battery was only 3 weeks old and was never discharged below 50% according to the Shorai smart charger that I was using. Seems like a great product but I must have gotten a defective one and the manufacturer won't stand by their product. Or rather they stand by their product, not by the customer. Expensive paperweight now.
March 12, 2015
Bang For The Buck
3 / 5
Ease Of Install
3 / 5
4 / 5
Not for East coast (cold) use
I like new tech - and bought into the Lithium story fully - light, deep cycle, quick recharge - it all sounded like it solved my problem. I commute daily in New York City so I use heated gear and the current draw was too high for lead acid standard BMW battery. I needed the battery to last a day or two longer before I recharged it.
I discussed my application with a Revzilla and a Shorai agent and they said that Shorai was a good solution. I bought the special Shorai battery charger to match (as I was told that my Battery Tender would not do the job).
However, after the installation of the new, fully charged Shorai, the battery does not crank the motor when the bike is cold. It requires several attempts before it reluctantly turns the engine over - it drains the battery so completely that it zeros out the computer. When I called Shorai, I was told that this happens in cold weather and that I should run current through the battery for a few minutes before starting it.
This is easier said than done as most of the heavy current draining equipment only operates once the engine is running.
And, who wants to wait a few minutes (it seems that 4-5 minutes does the trick in cold weather) before you get going?
I think that this is a serious flaw if you are marketing a product in a cold climate.
So, if you are on the West Coast or in the South where the temperature doesn't creep down into the 30's, Shorai seems a good solution, but if you need it for cold weather applications, I would look elsewhere.
February 14, 2013
2011 BMW F800GS
Bang For The Buck
1 / 5
Ease Of Install
5 / 5
2 / 5
Not recommended
Bought LFX21A6 from Revzilla and it arrived extremely quickly. Installed it the next day and it seemed to have a bit of hard time starting, figured it just needed to charge. Well after a bunch more trouble I finally got a reply from Shorai about a week later and they sent me a replacement. The replacement was slightly better, but still had starting problems after rides long enough to make the fan run when I shut down. This seems to deplete the battery and I get a starting voltage low enough to almost reset my clock, this was in temperatures of 80 degrees F. After 20 more days still no reply or resolution from Shorai again and Revzilla can't refund items like this. Ordered a new AGM battery today as it is obvious that Shorai has left me high and dry.

Cold performance is horrible at 50 degrees F, can't image what might happen at lower temperatures. I've tried the let the lights run (130 watts of lights) for a while to warm the battery, all it did was further deplete the energy and make it harder to start.

Cycle is a 2003 Buell XB9R, I've checked the charging system which is putting out around 14.15 volts at idle and slightly higher while riding. And it charges the battery at about 10 amps right after starting so this should be plenty to make sure the battery is full during my 45 minute commute.

Had to give it 1 star because there isn't a lower rating, $220 in the trash. I suggest taking the rating on these batteries as being a gross exaggeration, looks like the real amp hours is about 6ah, and the peak discharge is no where near the 300CCA that mine is listed to provide.
September 23, 2012
2003 Buell XB9R Firebolt
Bang For The Buck
4 / 5
Ease Of Install
5 / 5
Good start with some warm up time
Overall: The battery is significantly lighter than the lead acid version of the battery, produces more cold cranking amps, but is sensitive to the cold. Read and follow the instructions and you should be good to go.

Form and fit: Because of its weight, the battery was easy to install. However, the manufacturer recommends sealing the battery and using dielectric grease if it'll be exposed to water in any significant amount. I was installing on a BMW R1200GS, where it's exposed to falling rain and water drainage over the tank and between the seat. I sealed it using a silicon gasket I had leftover from another job and used plenty of grease. This does take away from the potential ease of install. Final note: The new and old battery were nearly identical in size- you won't have to get too creative with filler material (included with the battery)

Quirks: (Noted in the manufacturer's instructions) Below about 45' Fahrenheit, the battery becomes somewhat dormant. You'll need to turn the power on (lights, handwarmers, etc), power as many accessories as you can, and wait up to a couple of minutes before trying to start your bike when the bike is exposed to freezing temperatures for more than a couple hours. I've ridden in temps down to 18' Fahrenheit and didn't have any significant problems with enough warm up time (I let it warm up for about five minutes before starting). If you're concerned about this topic, I recommend some Internet search on this battery for your bike. I found for my bike, the manufacturer increased the cold cranking amp output of the battery recommended for my bike over the last couple of years, possibly to compensate for the cold effect.
November 24, 2014
2008 BMW R1200GS
Bang For The Buck
1 / 5
Ease Of Install
4 / 5
Unacceptable below 40 degrees F
Note- if you live in a warm climate where is stays above 40 degrees, I highly recommend the battery. But......despite claims from Shorai that the battery needs to "warm up" before it'll start in cold weather, I found the batteries performance unacceptable. Below 40 degrees I gave it the recommend 5 minute warm up by leaving the lights on, aux lights, heated grips, and even heated jacket and gloves. Nothing would wake up the battery but several failed start attempts. When trying to start, the low voltage would trigger faults in my KTM's dashboard and zero the clock every time. At least the battery never left me stranded, but it's hard on the bike and embarrasing to go through 5-10 start cycles to get the battery to spin up the motor. I sold it to a forum member in Arizona who won't have that problem. I put in a new lead acid Yuosa and it starts instantly in 10 degrees.

This is taken from the shorai's website and it completely false: "Down to about 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-7C) most users find that they can start normally on first crank. If your headlight comes on at key-ON, it is good for the batteries to flow some current before cranking in cold weather. The suggested headlight-on time before cranking depends on the temperature. If starting at 40F/5C, 30 seconds will help wake the battery and increase cranking performance. If at 0F/-17C, leave the lights on for 4~5 minutes before cranking. The result will be a better first crank, and longer battery life. If the engine fails to start on first crank, that first crank has warmed the battery, and the second attempt will be much stronger. Other accessories that can be turned on before cranking can also be used for this purpose, such as heated gear, radio, etc... Insuring that the battery is fully charged after storage also improves first-start performance in cold weather."
April 7, 2014
Bang For The Buck
4 / 5
Ease Of Install
2 / 5
It cranks my bike
It's a battery and it cranks my bike so it's working as intended. I like that I don't have to worry about keeping it on the tender anymore and it cranks every time. It doesn't seem to complain having to crank a couple of times in quick succession either if I have to adjust the choke.

It's small and lightweight but the installation with all of the sticky foam padding to make it fit my battery box was somewhat annoying. Some of the foam pieces were too big and had to be cut down. I felt if I wasn't careful to get everything right the first time I would be screwed because it's all one time use and there isn't much extra.
January 7, 2013
Bang For The Buck
5 / 5
Must have for 4th Gen ZX10R! (see details)
First off, this battery is excellent. Light as a feather, and cranks over even the coldest weather.

More importantly- I have a 2014 ZX10R, and like many new Ninja owners, I've had problems with the Electronic Steering Damper from the get go. Apparently, dealers love to sell these bikes to unsuspecting victims with batteries that refuse to accept a full charge, and this leads to an intermittent low-voltage fault that renders the damper useless at inopportune times. After chasing error codes for a couple of months, I decided to try a LiFe battery, and BAM! Problem is fixed! No more error codes, and the damper works like a charm. (Just in time too, since I recently shimmed my rear shock for running on the track, and have a somewhat more squirrely front end now as a result.)

If you have a ZX10R, and your ESD light is driving you nuts, look no further!
May 8, 2015
2010 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R
Bang For The Buck
5 / 5
5 / 5
5 / 5
Ease Of Install
5 / 5
5 / 5
Shorai is one of the best and pricy too
I have this battery on a s1000rr that I had. My friend has this on his Gixxer 750. I saw some of these reviews recently and I have to write this review to back it up.

People !!!!! Get the correct battery for your bike please !!!! Shorai batteries range from $90 to $500 dollars and all depends on what bike you have !!!! If you put a lawn mower size battery on your K1600. It wouldn't start !!!!! And also read the cold crank power and compare them !!! Shorai has great customer service so does revzilla.

And also if you leave your bike out in 10 degree weather and expect to fire it up in one shot !!! You must be crazier than me .

October 7, 2016
2012 Ducati Multistrada 1200S
Bang For The Buck
4 / 5
Ease Of Install
5 / 5
5 / 5
Lots of cranking power.
I live in Phoenix, AZ. The heat here is really hard on batteries. I have yet to put this through the test of a Phoenix summer, but so far I have been really impressed.
I had recommendations from a friend to go with Shorai. I have not been disappointed. The bike flashes up so quick.
The fitment was a perfect drop-in replacement. And the battery barely weighs anything.
I suppose the only negative is that it's a little pricey, but this may be one of those "you-get-what-you-pay-for" scenarios.
February 16, 2015
2003 BMW F650GS
Bang For The Buck
5 / 5
Ease Of Install
5 / 5
5 / 5
The perfect cold weather battery
Although its warmer now, i would have replaced it at least 4 more times and thats just to put in a replacement, charged battery that has juice to crank it on a cold start. I did my homework before this purchase and was skeptical (the battery is not cheap afterall). its only north of 3lbs which makes my sportster even lighter. it hasnt steered me wrong through as of yet. I purchased it in Feburary. Had a ton of cold mornings. The product demonstartion video said that every crank, it gets more juice (power). The very first time after installation, i let it sit in the bike and tried the next morning. It took 3 cranks but it started right up and has been starting since. I highly recommend it. Didnt really need the pads that came with it but you could use it for a snug fit as this will probably be the last battery i will every buy i hope. This was my 3rd battery purchase. The first of this kind of battery. Make sure you get the charger as well because you cant use a battery tender with it.
May 7, 2014
2015 Victory Cross Country
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Why did you choose this?
RevZilla Store
It's light.
Lee M on Sep 15, 2017
Recommended by my cousin
Raymond F on Aug 25, 2017
It's light.
Lee M on Sep 15, 2017
Bigger and more powerful battery but poles are on the opposite sides for my 2014 ZX10R. It still works but I have to face it down, and do a little adjustment to the stored area.
yingpor x on Sep 11, 2017
Recommended by my cousin
Raymond F on Aug 25, 2017
Upgrading the battery in my cruiser
Kurt R on Aug 14, 2017
Highly refined product and the best value in a Lithium Ion package.
Rich E on Jul 16, 2017
Needed something more dependable than OEM.
Darryl S on Apr 30, 2017
I have purchased several lead-acid batteries in the last 10 years....longevity between batteries!!!
Lemmie N. Jr K on Apr 18, 2017
Because they are great batteries and I'm awesome at leaving a key in a bike with some lights on...
Mark S on Apr 2, 2017
Previous experience with brand.
CARLO Q on Feb 14, 2017
New technology
Scott L on Oct 25, 2016
This battery is awesome! I will never use anything other than lithium batteries from now on.
Christopher M on Sep 28, 2016
3-year-old battery in new (slightly-used) Super Tenere, not gambling with the obvious.
Gary S on Aug 29, 2016
s m on Aug 9, 2016
Cause its light.
A U on Aug 1, 2016
Needed a replacement battery for my 1985 Honda VF1000R. Great past experience with these batteries.
Mark H on Apr 22, 2016
Thought it was a good product but it did not last.
Randall L on Apr 6, 2016
needed a new battery. Can afford the top end.
BigThickPaddy on Mar 8, 2016
Easy install and I have never had any start issues since I bought this battery.
Michael B on Feb 14, 2016
Replace battery in my 2012 Triumph Bonneville SE
Ray B on Dec 6, 2015
Awesome, awesome, awesome. It weighs a pound...maybe. It's so light it feels fake. They bump over my Ducati 888, Monster 900 and my 910 MV Brutale with ease. ...and did I mention they weigh next to nothing? Expensive but worth it. Buy one.
Shawn S on Oct 1, 2015
wanted to try a battery with low maintenance and high performance
Jesse C on Aug 25, 2015
The previous OEM glass mat battery lasted 4 years (and is still going), time to replace it with something lighter
Andrew G on Aug 21, 2015
G A on Aug 14, 2015
Because Lithium-Ion Phosphate technology is awesome. :P
Biljana R on Jul 13, 2015
The best battery from the best online motorcycle store.
K Y on Jun 9, 2015
wade c on May 24, 2015
Lithium Ion batteries are the shiz! lawnmower, phones and now my bike!
Robin C on May 12, 2015
The charge is just right for my balls. Gets my sperm moving without frying them. Just a simple spit on the connectors and place a ball on each connect and you are Good To Go. Now go make a baby.
Corey T on Apr 24, 2015
Real good lightweight battery with a lot of power
Thomas S on Apr 22, 2015
Its light, reliable, and still started my bike with 20% charge when I left the lights on.
Bartlomiej K on Mar 18, 2015
Best Battery you can buy
donald s on Mar 16, 2015
need a new battery
G E on Mar 9, 2015
I got tired of replacing the standard battery in my wife's bike every year because it sat too much. Hopefully the Lithium won't have that problem.
Shawn F on Mar 4, 2015
saw it on internet looked like a good product.
Brad S on Feb 26, 2015
Highly rated and long lasting
Michael J on Feb 10, 2015
long lasting charge
Eric M on Feb 5, 2015
Much smaller & lighter than led/acid battery. Saves an easy 5 pounds
Roderick L on Feb 3, 2015
Because I ride recreationally I need a battery that can be left untended for at least 2 weeks between rides.
Neil H on Jan 19, 2015
Lighter than an acid battery. Sounds like this battery will be a nice improvement on my ride.
curtis s on Dec 23, 2014
Was looking to try a high performance battery that would provide reliable starting power. Revzilla had it at a good price. So far so good.
Russell C on Dec 16, 2014
mooor cranking power for my big bore cylinders !
aaron g on Dec 8, 2014
I wanted to shave some weight and have a reliable battery.
Michael W on Nov 11, 2014
This battery is best for cold starts because it charges itself to give you good CCA.
Gil S on Oct 27, 2014
Lower Maintenance battery for longer times of non-use.
Matthew W on Oct 22, 2014
Weight reduction. Still pleased with this purchase after 16 months and 15K miles.
S P on Oct 22, 2014
Informative Revzilla presentation. Size seems workable for Ducati 998. Reside in Philadelphia and wanted to give Revzilla try.
Joseph M on Oct 18, 2014
To reduce the weight up high on my F800GS.
BENJAMIN C on Oct 4, 2014
One of my riding buddies does multiple track days at an intermediate level and swares by these batteries!
Winfred M on Oct 1, 2014
Good Reviews , good product , price
Donnie W on Sep 30, 2014
Needed a replacement battery, read good things about the LFX in the winter. Now buying these for all my replacement batteries.
Gordon S on Sep 28, 2014
Bigger and more powerful battery but poles are on the opposite sides for my 2014 ZX10R. It still works but I have to face it down, and do a little adjustment to the stored area.
yingpor x on Sep 11, 2017
Upgrading the battery in my cruiser
Kurt R on Aug 14, 2017
Will my battery charger work on the lithium battery?
A shopper on Oct 1, 2013
BEST ANSWER: I use my BikeMaster automatic charger to to keep my machines fully charged with the Shorai Li battery's.

Chargers output is 12V, 900mA, I have pigtails attached to each battery and if a machine hasn't been used in a month, I run the charger for a day.

I also fully charged the Li battery's before charging prior to install.

Installed on KTMs 950ADV, 525, 530 and 450, love the battery, and its easy maintenance.
I'm building a custom bike and I'd like to lie the battery horizontally behind the seat instead of upright. Can the Shorai batteries be safely installed on their sides instead of vertically?
A shopper on Apr 1, 2014
BEST ANSWER: It should not be an issue as the battery is completely sealed. I have this battery in an upright position in my Vespa. I also have a Ballistic EV02 battery that I have on its side in my MV Agusta. Both work great.
Should this battery be used with a trolling motor? Most generally, one would use a marine deep cycle battery. The size and weight of your battery is appealing, however it this the correct application?

Thank you
A shopper on Feb 18, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I would not use the lithium iron battery that way due to the special charging requirements of the shorai battery. The wieght savings is no as critical on a boat as it is on a motorcycle. Save the money and buy more fishing stuff!
Is the LFX battery just for starting a bike or can I run auxiliary electrics using it, eg, spot lights, heated grips, 12v socket etc?
A shopper on Apr 21, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I run heated grips on myb85 nighthawk and have absolutely no problems does not draw down battery or other loads and have had no issues with battery.
How are these batteries when it gets cold? Cold meaning down into the single digits? Also, how are they when the temps cross over into the triple digits? Those are the temps I see when riding my Harley, all year long.
A shopper on Dec 24, 2013
BEST ANSWER: I put the one I purchased into a 2011 Triumph Speed Triple, so we have quite different bikes. The temp doesn't get into the single digits where I live in Texas but the battery has performed well when it has gotten in the 30's here. We do get into triple digits frequently in the summer and I did not have problems with it this past summer. I have not let the bike sit for several weeks without starting it so I don't know how well the battery will hold a charge over time without being used. I have a different brand lithium-iron battery in a Hayabusa that sat for 3 weeks while I was out of town and it started instantly when I returned.
I have a 2012 yamaha r6 which battery do I get?
matthew L on Feb 2, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Hey Matthew, Shorai recommends the LFX14A4-BS12 for a 2001-2013 Yamaha R6. The LFX19A4-BS12 is recommended as the "Duration option" if you have accessories mounted which require more electrical capacity.
Hey Fellas.

I have 2003 yamaha r6, What is the best type or size of battery works best for my r6 during cold weather?
Son N on Dec 8, 2013
BEST ANSWER: I would think that a Shorai would start your R6, but cold weather is relative. How cold are you talking. These batteries would not start my BMW 1200cc twin. I tried two of them last winter and they just stranded me when the temps dropped to below 30 degrees. They say you can warm them up and they will work, but I don't have any proof of that. I went back to lead acid batteries. Again how cold do your ride?
Which battery or part number of this LFX Lithium battery would be appropriate for the 2003 Ducati 998 Biposto?

DucatiD on Sep 23, 2013
BEST ANSWER: I'm not sure about the appropriate size and terminal positions but it'll be good to just do a physical measurement of your bike battery space or take the measurements of your OEM battery.
My experience with this expensive shorai battery wasn't so good as the battery ran flat completely within 2 weeks of non usage of my bike. i jumped my bike, it was charged immediately, rode for about an hour, parked my bike.
next day the battery wouldn't work. now i have to remove it.
my advice, think about a different brand.
Would this work in 2014 cbr1000rr? And if it's compatible what model to use? Thank you in advance.
A shopper on Apr 16, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Yes they do make one that will definately work! Your model will be the LFX14L2-BS12 which is abt 160. If you buy this I highly recommend also getting the shorai charger. Its been a dream having and its been in my bike for abt 2 years now. Hope this helped

would this battery fit my 2012 honda crf250x???
A shopper on Apr 12, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Check the Shorai website for battery dimensions, then measure your current battery compartment. Shorai ships foam inserts in the box too for a good custom fit.