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Motorcycle Spark Plugs

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There’s no doubt about it. Your motorcycle isn’t going anywhere without functional spark plugs. These electrodes that create a spark, which then ignites the fuel-air mixture in the combustion chamber, are absolutely essential in a running bike. It thus pays to do the research and find out which ones are going to work best with your motorcycle and its ignition coils — then pick up a few replacements to take out on the road or trail. New to the magic of electricity and how it makes your bike go? Not to worry — you’ll soon be gapping your own plugs and achieving that big, fat blue spark in no time.

Generally speaking, spark plugs are connected to wires from the ignition coils, making them readily accessible on bikes. They can easily be swapped out with deep socket tools that’ll unscrew it from the cylinder head. Since the lifespan on these parts can easily hit 10,000 miles, you’ll probably end up leaving the plugs alone unless you’re troubleshooting. Riders having a hard time getting their bike going or experiencing poor running should consider the age, health and color of the plugs once extracted from the motor. A plug that’s wet with gasoline, gray from running lean or simply disintegrating can also be tell-tale signs as to why your motorcycle won’t start.

If it’s time to replace, check out our selection of high-performance plugs and you’re sure to end up with an item that’s going to get your engine up and running in no time. Whether that’s iridium plugs from NGK or U-groove plugs from Accel, it’s at RevZilla! Make sure the rest of your charging and electrical system is up for the job and be sure to browse the rest of our offerings here.