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Motorcycle Skid Plates

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What lurks beneath? Who cares — you’ve got motorcycle skid plates installed on your bike! These sheets of metal protect the vulnerable underside of your ride from all types of hidden dangers. A sharp stone, large tree stump or big drop can cause havoc to your motor cases. Motorcycle skid plates are the first line of defense when it comes to deflecting and absorbing such damages. If you’re an ADV or dual sport rider, we really can’t encourage you enough to pick up one of these plates today. There are plenty of other considerations when it comes necessities out on the trail, but we’re going to focus on motorcycle skid plates today.


Are skid plates worth it? A fair question, so let’s consider the ramifications of not having one. You’re riding along some two-track when the trail drops off… onto a rock. Instead of gliding over the surface, said rock proceeds to crack your case and engine oil starts coming out like an open wound. That’s the end of your riding day — and possibly your engine. Had you installed skid plates on your motorcycle, which act like a belly pan, it likely would have been dented and a little worse for wear, but your bike would have been saved. That’s what skid plates are design to do, but these aren’t just for off-roaders. We stock bike-specific options for V-Twin owners that’ll save the day if you run up into a curb plus others that shield the frame and wiring for racers. For all these features, you can thank durable materials like Kevlar, carbon fiber, aluminum, powder-coated steel, high-density polyethylene and more.

Save the Day with RevZilla!

The real-world usage of motorcycle skid plates is straightforward, but the planning that has gone into their design is anything but. While you’re outfitting your ride for those demanding rides, why not invest in some hand guards that’ll save your levers (and your knuckles) if you get into a tight spot.