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Motorcycle Flag Mount

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Say it loud and proud —whatever that message may be — when you rock an easily-installed motorcycle flag mount. There’s no better way to add a bit of personality, and a huge amount of flair, to your ride than with one of these motorcycle flag holders. These parts are simple, durable and will mount vertically or horizontally depending on which one you score. A flag mount for Harley Davidson can just as easily be installed on a flag-flying ATV or UTV roll cage. So whether you want one to send a message or for navigational purposes out in the desert, RevZilla’s here to help. Just make sure it’s rated to withstand highway speeds!

Motorcycle Flag Mount Positions & Options

Whether you’re hitting the dunes at 20mph, are in the lead with a parade flag holder for motorcycles or blasting down the interstate at 60, your ride is subjected to some serious forces. It’s why you need proper motorcycle flag holders or whip holders — and not zip ties or rope to fasten your flag. In general, these mounts will clamp to 1.25 to 2-inch diameter frame rails, sport standardized half-inch top holes and are adjustable to fly at any angle you need. If you plan on running a whip or flag, these motorcycle flag pole mounts are the only way to do it — now you just gotta figure out what you’re going to fly on it.