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Motorcycle Engine Guards

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A cracked case is no fun at all. Motorcycle engine guards exist to take the brunt of such impacts, saving your motor from damages that could quickly leave you sidelined. Installing these engine guards constitutes a bit of preventative maintenance. Throw them on now and you won’t have to worry about hidden rocks destroying the underside of your dual sport or a parking lot tip-over denting the clutch cover. Your engine is the heart of the motorcycle; understand its needs and treat it right with the protective parts you’ll find on this page.

An Ounce of Prevention…

Maybe you cover vast highway miles on your Harley. Maybe it’s single track on the Yamaha. Maybe it’s a mix of both on the ADV BMW. No matter your ride, we have bike-specific engine guards that are going to shield your motor’s most vital bits. Truth is that every fall is sudden and unexpected. The damage done can range from miraculously little to heart-sinking levels. Install engine guards on your airhead and you’ll add a layer of protection to an extremely vulnerable component. The same goes for front sprocket, alternator, clutch, front engine covers and more. Stainless steel or aluminum plates, bars and tubes are going to stand up to dents and dings better than anything else. If you’re wondering if you should get these engine guards for your motorcycle or if you really need them at all, just ask the guy or gal who wishes they’d installed some before the big spill.

A Pound of the Cure

Avoid expensive, time-consuming and labor-intensive repairs when you do the following: install motorcycle engine guards! You’ll thank yourself later. If you’re not sure which exact item is going to fit your ride, contact our Gear Geeks and we’ll help get you sorted.