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When your bike goes down, the most critical and costly damage that is likely to occur is damage to expensive and vulnerable engine cases and their clutch, ignition, water and oil pump covers, or ignition and alternator/stator covers. In many cases your only options for repair or replacement are OEM parts and professional shop time.

If you intend to take your bike to the track or just like to ride aggressively on back roads from time to time, you can save yourself a lot of money and heartache if you plan ahead and protect your vital engine components with aftermarket motorcycle engine covers.

These covers come in two main flavors - those that either fully cover or cover the lower portion of your stock engine cases, and those that replace your OEM cases completely with more serviceable, slide-ready components. The designs vary widely within these two categories, but each school of thought has its benefits.

Engine cover... er... covers are excellent inexpensive and noninvasive options for protecting your engine. They typically come with longer bolts and you simply install them overtop without the need for draining fluids, replacing gaskets, or any surgery of the kind.

Aftermarket engine covers are generally a bit more expensive, but allow you to completely remove your factory equipment and set it aside for street use or eventual resale. They often have replaceable slider portions baked into the design, allowing you to replace just a small portion of the component after a get-off at the track. Of course, the initial install is a touch more work, but if you plan to track your bike frequently, this may be the way to go for you. 

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