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Kuryakyn Riot Collection

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According to US Penal code, a person is guilty of inciting a riot if he causes ten or more persons to “engage in tumultuous and violent conduct” of a kind likely to create public alarm. While the Kuryakyn Riot Collection has not been directly linked to this type of behavior, it has been known to turn a few heads in a “violent and tumultuous” manner, and may incite some mild public alarm at your local bike night. The stars of the show are Kuryakyn’s moto-inspired serrated Riot footpegs, Riot foot boards and mini floorboards. To match the mean look of the foot controls, the Kuryakyn Riot Grips have a tacky MX style rubber surface and castled end caps that look suspiciously like the breaching barrel on a Police-issue "doorbuster" shotgun. Let’s just hope they have those non-lethal sandbag riot rounds chambered up if the 5-0 comes around to break up the party...