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Rubber mounted motors. Cush drive rear pulleys. Ahh, the modern amenities. Still, there’s nothing cuddly about an 800lb firebreathing Harley Davidson, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with a little softness when it comes to separating rider from road and engine vibration. Cruisers are supposed to be comfy, and motorcycling is supposed to be fun. Jackhammering concrete ain’t fun, and riding a bike that feels like manual labor doesn’t put extra hair on your chest. Kuryakyn ISO Grips are renowned for their comfort and simple good looks, and are probably mounted on more V-twin motorcycles than any other grip on the road. So why stop there? Pick up an ISO throttle boss and a set of ISO grip bar end weights, some ISO footpegs, floorboards or highway pegs, ISO shifter peg and brake pedal pad. It’s like cush drive for your throttle tube, and rubber motor mounts for your footpegs! Get you some of that sweet vibration isolation.